What Do Our Products Do?

Sustainable Formulas & Packaging

The balance of sustainability and performance is at the center of every product we formulate. We craft everything in house with integrity, transparency and intense care. We thought you’d be interested to learn some important ways we strive to minimize our environmental impact:

  • Our products are designed, formulated and produced in-house at the carbon-neutral Davines Village in Parma, Italy using 100% sustainable energy from renewable sources including sun, wind and water.

  • 100% of our product packaging is carbon neutral through our EthioTrees reforestation partnership, a socio-environmental carbon offset project.

  • 35% of the plastic we use is bio-based or recycled. In packaging our products, we strive to use as little of it as possible.

  • 87% of paper and cardboard packaging is made from recycled materials.

  • 81% of our ingredients are organically certified, natural or modified natural.


The ingredients we choose are, whenever possible, natural, eco-certified or organic. We prefer environmentally sustainable ingredients and we believe that basic ethical principles must be considered through all the stages of the supply chain to source or make the ingredient. We like to use ingredients typical of the traditions of the countries from which they originate and, whenever possible, select them to simultaneously respect local biodiversity.

Professional Products

We have a broad assortment from color to everyday care to styling and treatment products, crafted for you and your daily work, meeting all the needs of your clients in the chair. Each family has a story to tell, and we would love for you to hear it.

We Love Color

Our color assortment is designed to support our professional community by creating the best results for your end clients. From permanent color to creative pigmented conditioners, we constantly strive to drive inspiration and enhance creativity.
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Daily Care For You

We have a choice for everyone, whether you’re looking for effortless daily care, prescriptive treatments, or absolute beauty, we have an extensive assortment of products waiting to make your acquaintance.
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Styling To Expand Your Wings

More Inside is our versatile styling family, representing our celebration of humankind and interior beauty in all its complexity. Each product whispers things about life. Each of us can take away what we desire from these products, helping us take our styling routines and creativity to the next level.

Who we are

As a Certified B Corporation and family-owned brand, our focus is and always has been on how we can be the most ethical, beautiful and sustainable company possible. Research

How can we help you to succeed?

Our salons are the heartbeat of our community, and with our Business Education program, Sustainable Beauty Partner program and DavinesPro platform, we strive to help your bottom line in a meaningful way. Learn

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